Pregnant Women

Congratulations! You are having a baby. We are happy for you and want to share some information with you so that you and your baby remain dentally healthy.

Dental examination

During the pregnancy is the dental examination eminently necessary. An extensive examination during the first three months give you the sureness that teetch and gums are in good condition.



Trough a hormonally change during a pregnancy some tissue -including the gums- get loosened. Caused by this bleedings can occur. This bleeding willingness of the tissue gets maximized by bacterial plaque enormously. The daily efficient removal of the plaque is even more important during this period of time. Painful inflammations can occur if the denture and the gums are not getting cleaned efficiently.  These inflammations can leave remaining damage of the periodontium behind if they encroach on the bone.

Our advice: Professional tooth cleaning more regularly – depending on the inflammation Level – until the end of the lactation.

Sugar consumption

Especially during the pregnancy sweets and sugar containing food (juices, coke etc.) maximize the risk of tooth damage. Therefore the consumption of this food should be reduced. If you eat sweets you should try to watch that you do this only to the main meal times and afterwards brush your teeth. Furthermore, craving sweets can also be allayed through fruits.

Our advice: Food eaten between the main meals should not contain sugar. Cheese, raw fruit and vegetables are ideal for a snack between the meals. Mineral water allays the thirst best.

Protection of the teeth

  • for effective caries prevention your teeth need fluoride
  • use at least once a day fluoride containing tooth paste (for example: Elmex)
  • brush your teeth once a week with a fluoride gel (for example: Elmex Gelee)
  • use regularly dental floss