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We are an appointments-only surgery, which means a certain time is reserved for a patient depending on the planned treatment. We make an effort to be on schedule. In order to meet that goal we ask you to show up on time. To avoid a long waiting periods for our patients, a visit to our dental´s office is only possible after an appointment has been made.

To meet all of our patients needs we have opening hours that might look unusual at first sight.

Opening Hours

Our treatment times switch weekly between „early“ and „late“. Our early weeks are the even weeks (2., 4., 6., …) and the late weeks are the odd ones (1., 3., 5., …)

Monday – Thursday Friday
Early   8 – 16 Uhr 8 – 14 Uhr
Late 11 – 19 Uhr 8 – 14 Uhr
(nonstop, without lunch break)

 You can call our Office every day from 8 o´clock.