Our Vision

Our Focus

Our attention and care is focused on you, our patient. Enjoy our modern, relaxing space. While with us, we’ll sustain your dental health, or in some cases, restore it. In doing so, our practice embraces all current best, scientifically proven methods.

Dentistry has changed. Where focus was once restorative, it is now focused on health maintenance. Previously, appointments meant fillings or more, today we able to be more anticipatory, minimizing decay thus avoiding painful procedures.

Regular Check-ups

Both tooth decay and inflammation are bacterially based, which in most cases, progress slowly and painlessly over time. Because of the specific relationship between bacteria and each patient’s immune system, disease progression is unique. It’s unlikely that without our care, patients would detect the presence or progression of disease.
For us to be most effective, maintaining dental health requires twice-a-year check-ups and more for those needing for immediate remediation.

Dental Health Contributes to Overall Health

Maintaining a healthy mouth simplifies your life. At your twice-a-year visits, we’ll clean and inspect your teeth and gums, check on the stability of fillings and crowns, set up needed appointments and answer any questions you may have.
Our goal is to maintain healthy teeth and the gums. Science teaches us that a healthy mouth is essential to well-being and overall health.