Ceramic Inlays

Ceramic is a tooth-colored, bio-compatible material. It is a really strong material and is therefore abrasion-resistant. Compared to composites it is further more color-resistant.


Compared to Gold inlays, ceramic inlays are glued to the tooth. Caused by this, it is possible to internally stabilize the tooth. This means that the ceramic inlays can also be used where -caused by big defects in the area of the chewing surface- crowns should actually have been used.

Using this technique and material, there are some limitations, too. Just like the composite fillings the defect must be surrounded by dental enamel. The inlay cannot be used if the defect reaches too deep into the gingival.

The ceramic inlay can be individually adapted to the tooth and is therefore almost invisible. Concerning the aesthetic, ceramic inlays are the first choice.