Periodontal Treatment

Which treatment steps are necessary?

A treatment of the diseased structures (bone, periodontium, surface of the tooth root, gums) is necessary if a periodontitis is diagnosed. Whether a periodontitis exists and if so, how severe it is, is diagnosed with measuring the gingival pockets (periodontal status). Furthermore x-rays are evaluated.

First the patient gets a so-called pre-treatment. The ideal mouth hygiene measures will be explained to the patient. Furthermore the patient gets a professional tooth cleaning. Due to this the inflammation status of the gums can often be reduced already.

Within the periodontal treatment the soft and severe films on the surface of the tooth is removed under local anesthesia. The treatment is mostly done with the use of an ultrasound machine. In addition to this instruments (used by hand) are used, too. At severe progressive forms of periodontitis it is also necessary to remove inflamed tissue.

How is it possible to save the therapy result?

Basic prerequisite is the continuous good mouth hygiene, where it is important to pay special attention to the interdental spaces.

Since the periodontitis is a chronical disease, a continuous life-time-long supervision through a dentist practice is necessary. These appointments are so-called periodontal-recalls. Re-appeared problem areas are diagnosed in early stages and a professional tooth cleaning is done for stabilizing the achieved therapy result. These recall-appointments should be done –depending on the severity- every 3 or 6 months.