Dental Implants – an aesthetic and healthy option

Historically, dentures were a fact of life, particularly for the elderly. If one lost a tooth through decay or breakage, a denture would be the only way to protect an aesthetic, cosmetic appearance. Today things are different and improved. In the place of the extracted tooth, an implant screw attaches to the bone and holds the denture in place.

The implant does not damage the integrity of the neighboring teeth. In fact, crowns and bridges can be securely attached to the implant. With an implant the integrity of the gums and bone are protected.
We have a great deal of experience. If you have a denture and would prefer a better solution, or, if you have broken a tooth and would like treatment advice, we will happily discuss your Options.


Discover new quality of life.
Teeth as firm and beautiful as natural ones.

Implant Advantages are:

  • Preservation of the jaw bone
  • Conservation of neighboring teeth and gums
  • Confidence when smiling
  • Longevity

We partner with specialists at the university dental hospital and with established oral surgeons.