Follow-up care after treating gum disease

With your treatment for gum disease concluded, you now have an understanding of the underlying causes of your condition and how best to care for gums. We will have also followed up with a consultation to help you regain, manage and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Once dental health is restored, the surface of your teeth will once again begin accruing a film of bacteria. Careful brushing and regular visits to the clinic will help you minimize the damage. But, left untreated, gums and bone can once again become infected. Our therapy with good mouth hygiene can last a long time.
The formation of new plaque and bacteria on your teeth is dependent on both brushing techniques and the composition of your saliva. We are all unique. For some the formation of new plaque occurs quickly, for others it takes far longer. Because we are familiar with your mouth, we can recommend how frequently you should plan visits.

These follow-up appointments include:

  • Controlling the condition of the inflammation
  • selective staining and managing hidden film on the teeth’s surface
  • professional cleaning

Should you still be infected, it also may be necessary to undertake an intensive cleaning and disinfecting of the diseased pockets.