When is an endodontic treatment necessary?

An endodontia is necessary if the nerve of the tooth is inflamed or has already died. This expresses itself most of the time with pain but also can be unnoticed and randomly be discovered with an x-ray. Also with those randomly discovered processes on painless teeth it can occur that with non-treatment pain arises and a purulent inflammation (abscess) occurs. Nevertheless such cases are a general-medical risk.

How is an endodontia treated?

First the tooth is being isolated by a latex-foil (cofferdam) from the rest of the oral cavity. This makes it possible to work as sterile as possible.

Now the nerve or –as the case may be- the rest of the nerve is being removed from the inside of the tooth and the root canal. Afterwards the length of the roots is being measured with a special machine (with electric resistance). The root canals can now be cleaned with thin files and be fumigated. The treatment of strongly bent or extremely thin roots can be complicated and in some cases a successful treatment is even impossible.

If a successful endodontia is not able to achieve in our practice, we cooperate with an endodontic-specialist. They can finish the treatment even with bigger complications, microscopic supported.