As we all know, caries occurs through cooperation between elements of our daily food and bacteria. Carbohydrates (from our food sugar), from food and drinks, favor the bacteria growth in the plaque. In the inside of the plaque acids are getting build which dissolve the dental enamel. The longer these acids affect a tooth, the bigger is the damage.

Frequent control

An important precondition for a life time long dental health is an early starting frequent dental care. Therefore your child should be as early as possible be familiarized with the daily mouth hygiene. Also visiting the dentist frequently should become a habit to distinguish abnormal changes early and to stop them.

In any case the first appointment at the dentist should be before the denture is damaged. If the first visit is painful it is possible that in the future the child is scared of visiting the dentist. Sense and center of visiting the dentist is precaution and early diagnosis. Preventing is better than repairing!

Milk teeth

Often one assumes falsely that the milk teeth are not as important because they will be replaced by remaining teeth. The healthy milk denture is one of the bases for a life time long healthy denture. Furthermore early teeth loss caused by caries can lead to a malposition of the remaining teeth and can be followed by a long orthodontic treatment.